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Holloway – ‘Nevaeh’ Album Review

Holloway is fresh-faced and bushy-tailed. The trio is a breath of clean, reinvigorating air in a climate that can so often feel stale and claustrophobic in a world of seemingly endless lockdowns and lack of creative movement. The Bristolian boys are new, they're eager, but they're far from wet behind the ears.

Comprising of Matt Holloway on bass, guitar, and vocals, Glenn Hawkins on lead guitar and synth, and Ralph Morgan on percussion and drums, Holloway have created a dynamic album filled with fat, chilled out buttery beats and dreamy guitar riffs, a perfect remedy for a burning world outside.

The opening track Compass is much like sinking into a hot bath. It relaxes and delights, it makes you feel safe and warm and reminds you of happy days. There’s something about Matt’s vocals that is wonderfully nostalgic. There’s an air of Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys to his sound, it’s casual, accessible, and universally likeable, like vodka and lemonade.

However, don’t be mistaken and think that Holloway is like anything you’ve heard before; it’s not. Although we hear familiarity and comfort in Matt’s vocals, the mastery of the sound created between himself, Glenn, and Ralph isn’t comparable to much else. ‘Neveah’ is like the perfect chillout album, but with real emotion and depth that goes far beneath the service.

Tracklist for ‘Nevaeh’

Fourth track Basimus Macho is contemplative and reflective, masterfully invoking feelings of calm with repeating moments of introspection encouraged by lyrics which prod and pry at our tender hidden parts. Sliding smoothly into the fifth track Places you can’t help but once more feel those waves of noughties sentimentality that Holloway create so effortlessly. There’s the slightest hint of an emo throwback in Places, a delightful softened

Title track ‘Nevaeh’ is deliciously dark in comparison to the rest of the album. It’s an unexpected twist which takes you off guard, but it still fits beautifully with the other songs that it sits alongside. It’s a fat little rain cloud on a sunny afternoon, an unpredictable but nonetheless welcomed palate cleanser to refresh and reinvigorate the intentions of the day. It’s exciting to hear Holloway showing off their angsty side, a twinkle of rebellion amongst an otherwise mellow album.

We end on Dance If You Have To, a reminder of the chilled out retrospective aura we heard at the beginning of ‘Nevaeh’. Matts vocals shimmer and bounce between one another, laid atop of reverberating guitar riffs that creates images of rolling credits at the end of an indie 90s movie.

If you’re looking for nostalgia with a refreshing twist that will leave you pensive and relaxed, Holloway have created the perfect album for you. Made for Summer nights and Sunday mornings, you can’t help but love what these lads have created.

Take a listen to ‘Nevaeh’ on Soundcloud and don’t forget to follow Holloway’s Instagram.

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