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Stereolab – ‘The Super It’

On February 17th Stereolab announced the release of their lost and found single 'The Super It', the conclusive single from the Electrically Possessed [Switched On Volume 4] Collection.

Explaining the origins of ‘The Super It’ on their Facebook page, Stereolab state that “‘The Super-It’ was originally released in 1999 as part of the ‘The Underground Is Coming’ 7″ – a tour EP via Duophonic UHF Disks. It’s a kind of lost song in a way. Written not for an LP but around the same time as the Brigitte Fontaine “Calimero” 7” and recorded at the same time as the tracks for the abandoned Charlie’s Angels in Space video game (“Fried Monkey Eggs” etc…) although this track was never intended for that project.”

Electrically Possessed (Switched On Volume 4) is set to be an all-inclusive creation, brimming with one-off 7’s, long-lost tracks, artwork, and outtakes previously unseen. The collection will span almost a decade from 1999-2008 and will be presented in a 3LP set, a real treat for die-hard Stereolab fanatics.

‘The Super It’ is everything that we love about Stereolab. The song is jazzy and upbeat, oozing with 60s psychedelic sophisticated fun, with vocalist Lætitia Sadier’s signature celestial voice glimmering through the tranquil lounge atmosphere like golden honey.

Transcending genre and language, creating songs in both French and English, Stereolab are icons of free movement within music; effortlessly skipping between funk, synth-pop, and jazz, obtaining inspiration from Brazilian music and French Cinema of the sixties, they defy rules and create their own.

Stereolab are indefinable and irreplaceable. ‘The Super It’ is just another reminder of why they maintain so much respect and adoration from music makers and music lovers, and why they won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Stereolab – Electrically Possessed (Switched On Volume 4) | Warp Records & Duphonic UHF | 26/02/21

CD/Digital Tracklist

01 – Outer Bongolia
02 – Intervals
03 – Barock-Plastic
04 – Nomus Et Phusis
05 – I Feel The Air {Of Another Planet}
06 – Household Names
07 – Retrograde Mirror Form
08 – Solar Throw-Away [Original version]
09 – Pandora’s Box Of Worms
10 – L’exotisme Interieur


01 – The Super-It
02 – Jump Drive Shut-Out
03 – Explosante Fixe
04 – Fried Monkey Eggs [Instrumental version]
05 – Monkey Jelly
06 – B.U.A
07 – Free Witch and No Bra Queen
08 – Heavy Denim Loop Pt 2
09 – Variation One
10 – Monkey Jelly [Beats]
11 – Dimension M2
12 – Solar Throw-Away
13 – Calimero
14 – Fried Monkey Eggs [Vocal]
15 – Speck Voice

Vinyl Tracklist

A1 – Outer Bongolia
A2 – Intervals

B1 – Barock-Plastic
B2 – Nomus Et Phusis
B3 – I Feel The Air {Of Another Planet}

C1 – Household Names
C2 – Retrograde Mirror Form
C3 – Solar Throw-Away [Original version]
C4 – Pandora’s Box Of Worms
C5 – L’exotisme Interieur

D1 – The Super-It
D2 – Jump Drive Shut-Out
D3 – Explosante Fixe
D4 – Fried Monkey Eggs [Instrumental version]
D5 – Monkey Jelly
D6 – B.U.A

E1 – Free Witch and No Bra Queen
E2 – Heavy Denim Loop Pt 2
E3 – Variation One
E4 – Monkey Jelly [Beats]
E5 – Dimension M2

F1 – Solar Throw-Away
F2 – Calimero
F3 – Fried Monkey Eggs [Vocal]
F4 – Speck Voice

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