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Becca Mancari Releases New Single ‘Annie’

Becca Mancari drops new song 'Annie' ahead of her latest EP Juniata, set to be filled with acoustic reworkings of favourite tracks from her debut album of 2020 The Greatest Part.

Hailing from Nashville in the US, Becca’s intoxicating blend of indie folk is so quintessentially romantic and pretty without being remotely cheesy or predictable. There’s an air of old Hollywood and film noir about ‘Annie’ and it is utterly delightful, you can’t help but feel swept up in an old-fashioned fairy-tale.

Speaking about ‘Annie’, Becca explains;

“I grew up watching 1950’s and 60’s movies that my grandma would record for us because we didn’t have TV growing up. The thing that I loved the most about these old films was the music… it was a time period where it felt almost appropriate to be a little dramatic in this lush orchestral fashion. So when I wrote ‘Annie’ I wanted to harken back to that time of feeling like you were swept up into a dance. Also, I wrote this song on the front porch where I started my other band Bermuda Triangle. We used to play it during our live set, where Brittany would rip this incredible solo on classical guitar. ‘Annie’ has definitely lived a few lives already, but it feels right that it would now be on this EP. It’s a little piece of coming back home.”

Besides the new release ‘Annie’, Juanita will include reworkings of three songs from last years The Greatest Part, including ‘First Time’, ‘Bad Feeling’, and ‘Stay with Me’.

Juanita is set for release on 19th March via Captured Tracks.

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