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Lindsay Munroe – ‘Need a Ride’ Single Review

London-born Manchester-based alt-indie musician Lindsay Munroe's new single 'Need a Ride' is a flawless ode to female independence and self-love, and we are into it.

Unbelievably, Lindsay Munroe is still a relatively new name to many, with just under 400 monthly listens on Spotify and around 700 followers on Facebook. There’s no doubt that a home grown British artist with a wealth of talent like Lindsay’s is surely going to catapult into the stratosphere in 2021. Vocals that fascinate and draw you in are reminiscent of Weyes Blood, combined with a drawling rhythm and grind which is fuzzy and anthemic. Already having had her previously released EP ‘Our Heaviness’ approved by none other than Sharon Van Etten, Lindsay sounds so gloriously sure of herself in ‘Need a Ride’, her confidence simply oozes out of every word and hook she delivers.

‘Need a Ride’ is an ode to feminism in it’s purest form, an anthem for the woman who knows her worth, takes joy in being in her own company, and, quite frankly, is doing just fine without you.

“I don’t need another body to make me want my body; I feel more when I’m alone.”

I’m beyond excited to see what comes next from Lindsay and I suggest we all watch her like a hawk in 2021 – This is only the beginning.

Check out Lindsay’s website, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify.

Grab tickets for her gig in Manchester at the beginning of May here.

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