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Beabadoobee – Last Day on Earth Single Review

Beabadoobee effortlessly recreates her own brand of unflappable teen spirit with her distinctive 90s retro flair, a perfect follow up to her 2020 album ‘Fake it Flowers’.

Stereolab – ‘The Super It’

On February 17th Stereolab announced the release of their lost and found single ‘The Super It’, the conclusive single from the Electrically Possessed [Switched On Volume 4] Collection.

Holloway – ‘Nevaeh’ Album Review

Holloway is fresh-faced and bushy-tailed. The trio is a breath of clean, reinvigorating air in a climate that can so often feel stale and claustrophobic in a world of seemingly endless lockdowns and lack of creative movement. The Bristolian boys are new, they’re eager, but they’re far from wet behind the ears.

The Last Gig… For Now. Milo’s Planes @ The Lanes, Bristol.

It’s been a year since I watched real, live music. An entire year since I felt as though my brains were sliding out of my ears like bubblegum in a microwave. Understandably, I’m feeling a little reflective, and perhaps slightly pensive, and I’d like to take a moment to tell you about the last gig I attended. Read on..

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